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The study door, kneeling one person, it is the King of Chu Xuan Yuan Jin, Jin Xuan Yuan around, there are around the emperor Yung father, Jin Regulus being advised to go back, but unfortunately this is the emperor of His Royal Highness the King of Chu hurt the heart, look for the dead management, so Hao Zhao, he'd like to see how to Fu Huang is a woman and cut his head.Yung public justice sigh, one would see the Prince and Crown Princess Taishou Goddess palace came, slightly startled, he knew there palace of His Royal Highness Prince person, so huai accident, Prince certainly is received the news, so the palace come, but Yung father always thought Prince and the King of Chu is wrong disk because the King of Chu Xuan Wang previously but who now Xuan Wang was demoted to the manor to go, not the King of Chu and Prince reconciled it.For a time even some not figure out, but wait until Regulus Yue and walked over to spend sparse snow, let father immediately salute:. Seen Prince Highness purses coach outlet store , Princess Goddess

Wishful back down, turn around and look to spend sparse snow Regulus Yue muttering:. The two men really enemy ah, a meeting will have to play a meeting will have to play.Regulus Yue lazy smile: Some people's feelings is playing out.Flowers sparse snow spoke up, Li Xuan Yuan Yue action step ahead of cable Shimoji, and then removed from the wall purses coach outlet store above the flowers sparse snow clothes over, one by one hand to her to wear, gentle and careful action, spend foolishly sparse snow looked at him, a soft heart.

Flowers glared Moye a sparse snow, warning them: You can not talk nonsense, if the princess really have anything, I am afraid we have to rely on our heads.Moye spit tongue, no longer speak, outside the carriage, A lake's voice sounded: Intrinsic Crown Princess, slaves previously out exploration, as if the princess really an accident, the Board of Punishments of people are nervous, if it is not a princess would be so nervous.Remark a carriage within three all silent, and Regulus Luo Ying really hurt, she was up, disfigured, which is really good, Moye and wishful duo laughed, but remember to spend sparse snow, then, determined not to say a word, since the princess was hurt, loose lips ah, so say nothing.