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But no matter how she wanted, the decree has been under, and can not help her much thought.Nguyen looked after the three women look fantastic, slowly opening:. Congratulations to all of the Palace, you can eviction, well let the family know that this happy event, happy happy.Three recovered, while the after Shane Nguyen, Nguyen life after eunuchs came immediately sent to three contestants house.Large hall quiet down until spring Lanna Palace female officer walked around Ruan after opening distressed: Queen Goddess, which is why you did not understand what His Royal Highness Prince your heart?.After Nguyen eyebrow faint smile, look behind the female officer: Lotus, the palace just doing their own thing to do believe, do not care about other people's eyes never, you do not already know I was such a person yet?After Nguyen faint smile, turned and walked to the back of the hall: Lotus, I'm tired handbags coach outlet store , me go and rest.

He did not think turned out to be under the command Nguyen, so he sleep at night, dawn will come Cloud State House of Prince.Nalan leisurely cold opening has been sitting silent in the Xuan Yuan Yue classroom had been no talk, but a leisurely heard Nalan said Rao but his mother's words, suddenly anger came up, his face overcast Ao ugly, steep cold handbags coach outlet store opening: Do you want to spare but her.Although he annoyed his mother own the move, but that will actually her letters, but seen from the Emperor surgery, his mother did nothing wrong, but every one of the station's position is not the same, should change the day he stood in that place Perhaps under his mother's will, and his will is the same, because they are the same person, in order not to reject events section.

Carriage outside voice sounded demon tune?: You guys do not want to line things right now that Princess hunger and thirst, hurry up, so what, now you have two paths, one can taste the princess's body , two of the girls can taste the thrill of a sword cut throat. This time out of the carriage to the promise and Thatcher understand what was happening, jumped out of the carriage scared, thump thump knock their heads.Although Regulus Los cherry usually two men would like to serve her, but this time there may have ten men ah, if on together, it is really real, the princess how bear ah, if the princess would certainly go back and kill them.