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In a sense, the emperor really liked Highness the King of Chu, gave him the best, so he does not grateful, even still Kangzhi non-compliance, the emperor could not angry?Regulus Jin knelt two hour, when legs are stiff, but after listening to spend sparse snow, then immediately snappily glared at her.Regulus Yue immediately pick up a: She can only marry the palace.Regulus Kam look of black lines, he depressed sad here, they both show affection here, there is no mistake ah, said nothing and stared at the Xuan Yuan Yue spend sparse snow, but unfortunately people did not even ignore him , still you thick I concentrated very affectionate.Flowers sparse snow seeing Regulus Jin a tendon through to the end, no one seems to be able to put it through him, the sight of a turn, then look behind the Moye, lips tick a laugh.Moye should be a cry went over to see Regulus Jin kneeling on the ground, it touches my heart began to bear meaning, so I think Chen Sheng opening: This is why it Highness the King of Chu, dignified man, why care about the three wives four concubines, Now the palace where a pregnant woman does not, but the emperor gave a woman into the house, even if given a three five we are not afraid, I looked at the body of His Royal Highness the King of Chu seems excellent, not afraid of suffering coach outlet wallets on sale , do not worry about.

But he hit the chest, then annoyed Moye, Moye a dodge to avoid the Regulus Jin, toward the Ouyang cable:. You old fool, and what is not good to teach, teach him this.Regulus Kam Moye almost simultaneously shot toward the Ouyang Solana: yes ah, you actually taught me so nasty action.This time two people fighting together, not fight, and catching up coach outlet wallets on sale with Ouyang cable fight, Ouyang cable while running in the garden, ran called: Oh, you little couple dozen hit chanting, why involve On my old ah, I quit, do not play, is not fun.

Flowers sparse snow saw Yung Yunhe, my heart there is not good feeling, but still polite opening: ? Yung father polite, Yung father this is something youYung Yunhe smiled opening:. Minions Bong emperor's decree, the government received Crown Princess Goddess came into Prince Dragon Palace, the emperor summoned something Crown Princess GoddessDear who wish Snake all wishes come true, fun, in the Snake, the fortune, everyone smiling ...In front of the Prince's House, Moye and wishful duo are felt his heart sank, has a bad feeling, two people look to their own masters, masters do not know how to do it.Flowers sparse snow faint smile, just heard news of the accident princess, here the emperor that he sent to pick her palace, and the princess thing it certainly can not avoid, since Fu Huang sent to pick her up, she did not want the palace is impossible.Thinking calmly smiled opening:. Yung father Please, take me to the palace since it is Fu Huang, Hath not the palace of truth.