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Wen emperor, then a drop, Regulus Yue sparse snow and flowers will be in two minds humming loudly, did not think his mother's beauty pageant held in the feast, actually really is to give the text the emperor sent beauty.Wen emperor now she disgusted her to do so, they can not allow him to accept, not to mention he is now patronize Yuwen soft.Large hall, after Nguyen sad smile, Your face on top of that, life rope on a cold, followed by the text look the emperor, fiercely scolded: You Americans do not like this house is for you to pick Ling? City of beauty coach outlet wallets , the strong man of unknown origin it.

Yung father eyebrow look to the emperor, the emperor see some displeasure, thought for a moment and quickly knelt down: The emperor is Laonu advocated self-made, so that His Royal Highness Prince Laonu thinking persuade the King of Chu Highness leave, to save the emperor angry, please emperor punishment Laonu. Wen emperor Yung father is an idea, coach outlet wallets the idea is not so angry, but exhort him: Do not just self-made later proposition.Laonu know, Yung father relieved, slowly got up, smiled looking at the emperor, the emperor's face really much better, as long as he Haojiu Hang emperor.

But Regulus Yue looked sparse snow flower directed twinkle in his eyes, and immediately took sparse snow suddenly, the original Yue not really want to punish Moye, but wanted frill, to embarrass the King of Chu, thinking it out loud opening: Moye, a little rules you are not, you do, how people say I am the crown princess, this house will not forgive you this time.Regulus immediately ordered Du Yue astonishing: Put down battle with responsibility twenty Moye board.Du fleeting quickly took to pull down a battle plan to select twenty Moye board, that Regulus Kam Moye to be a punishment, his face steep a change, and my heart will be some uncomfortable, immediately Baoquan Chen Sheng's opening: Prince Huangxiong, it's not Moye girl's fault, my fault, but please do not punish Moye girl.