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Nguyen led after three US kneeling in front of the temple Jiezhi, Yung father holding a bright yellow decree, read the text of the emperor's will.Three women face around the same time exposed after Nguyen joy, but most pleased supreme court Qing Cheng Yuan Yuan Xiang Ning daughter, but because of His Royal Highness the King of Chu Ling city famous handsome, but also royal Highness the King of Chu , self marry him, not only became the Exalted, has therefore derived a stunning Jia Xu.Although she was glad their two hearts, which can be the same envy Yuan Xiang Ning, in addition to several princes royal Prince, His Royal Highness the King of Chu looks is the most outstanding, as to other people coach outlet purses on sale , Kiyotoshi it.

Unfortunately, like Nalan leisurely not hear like, deadpan directly went inside.Auditorium, Regulus Yue and flowers sparse snow duo look Nalan leisurely look, two hearts are some few, just pretend I do not know, slowly opening:. Sit down.Nalan leisurely lifeless sat down, and then look to the Xuan Yuan Yue also look to Cher, Mouguang two people coach outlet purses on sale face in their sweep to sweep past.Flowers sparse snow could not resist opening: Nalan, this is how?Snow Flower sparse nature is known, ordered Yao people are after Nguyen, but she did not want to let Nalan leisurely know, so shook his head:. Do not knowNalan leisurely heavy panting, which they will connect the previous words: Will is not the text under the emperor, but it is under the command of the Queen, you say I can watch as their own tribe were killed, but the culprit turned out to be properly.

After the Snow's words, the carriage being one quickly raised his hand, slapped over, the two quickly looked over and saw his face this time the magic emanation red wagon, constantly pulling the clothes of the woman, turned out to be a princess Regulus Luo Ying , which under both eyes stare small eyes, while the opening: ? princess, how would youRegulus Los Sakura very bad mood, previously she was Princess House and other news, do not want to actually be plot, until woke up, he on this carriage, and did not expect to last two to Novo Thatcher actually calculating became her, Regulus Los cherry grew more and more angry, could not help but cried:. not quick to go back.She always felt a little strange things today, which is probably behind to catch her in person, there are other tricks, so Regulus Los Sakura could not help but frightened, quickly opening urging the two men hurry.