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He finished immediately offer a piece of paper, Regulus Yue took over, he saw the note says, the King of Chu Xuan Yuan Jin to refuse marriage, now kneeling on the study door.For the King of Chu Regulus Regulus Yue Jin and there is not much sense, although the relationship between the two of them to ease some, but no one to care for him to the point where people are concerned about his Cher, so the piece of paper in their hands Regulus Yue handed flowers sparse snow hands.Flowers sparse snow down the chopsticks, hand pick over, looked at, then it slightly dark face coach outlet handbags sale , asked Regulus Yue.

She always felt Nguyen impossible after such a decree, because she loves Wen emperor, if she is really a ruthless person, then such a decree is likely to be under her.Where exactly went wrong there, spend sparse snow careful thought.Nalan leisurely spend sparse snow looked tired Yung God, my heart a little bear, finally no longer speak, Baoquan coach outlet handbags sale opening: Cher, I go, I will wait for some time, but if you really Nguyen finally confirmed after the next will, then I will not let her. He Fu Huang for his mother even after his death but also to kill Nguyen revenge.Nalan leisurely turned to leave, the behind the hall, Regulus Yue fell to the chair, breathing heavily, in fact, he does not want his mother the next it was his will, but now and Murong Fu Huang Keng said such words , then certainly the will of his mother under him.Regulus Yue Taishou looking to spend sparse snow: Cher, you will not blame me selfish.

Woman mocked the opening, and then a close hand sideways out of the carriage, and commanded people outside: packed into a fratricidal way, that in order to kill the princess and desperate special lens, remember that the blood on the handle clean neck, Also, go for a walk a little later rumors say that they are a princess with people kinky chaos, strife triggered, you know?It was neat crashed, Regulus Los cherry eyes wide open, doom open, she does not know himself what is bother anyone, even were such a treat, what exactly is the man so calculating her ah, she bite blood up Chung, blood hearts and minds of the people again, fainted.