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Yuwen Sophie no longer say anything, Wen emperor immediately call the eunuchs came, Chen Sheng asked: ? Previous roster Queen sent it gets here.Yesterday brought a roster after Nguyen, is elected on the flower beds contest Mitsumi list because he threw a rage and did not see the writing on this roster is so and so.Wen emperor's personal eunuch Yung offer a roster of Yunhe immediately approached, I heard the emperor Yung father from the text or the prince when he followed him, so Wen emperor and his feelings very deep, but he Izumo palace eunuchs popular coach outlet handbags on sale , Palace Explorer eunuch.

Regulus Yue Leng Chen bloodthirsty sound up: come immediately to me these three individuals pull down, heavy hit, killed so far.Du fleeting flash led people over, grabbed the three went out, but just went to the door, Regulus also Hezhu Du Yue fleeting: leaving one to live, then let them go back and tell Baili Bing The Palace of the child is his coach outlet handbags on sale move, and today it forged a certain distance to the future and he will certainly have to liquidate liquidation.Du fleeting kicked away, the main room Ouyang cord sticking out his tongue: really powerful ah man ah.

I really do not know what people actually follow them in broad daylight, under this dark city Ling does not know how many people staring at them, the first person is the first princess Regulus Luo Ying, who is not exactly what she sent it.The deal if she then shot her, she was spare but her, after all, before let her, even if she was shot, nobody would say anything.House guards in front of the Prince should be a cry from the carriage drive flew out, and soon put behind a horse-drawn carriage to get rid of.