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Footsteps sounded in front of the hall, making the large hall of the people all the voices stopped.Wen emperor saw the two men walked to the door, turned out to be a son and daughter since, could not help but look bad, he did not want his son and daughter say these things, but he dignified monarch of a country, these are his affair child, they are not over-regulate, and also when he was king of a country do? Wen emperor grew more and more angry, and his face felt extremely ugly, pointing Xuan Yuan Yue and spent two sparse snow, Chen Sheng opening: You'd be Banjiu Bing, do not you think they would let you come as a mind?After sitting on one side of the hall Nguyen, Nguyen's eyes after some red, apparently had previously tears flee, but now she was grinding his teeth coach outlet handbags , not say anything.

Regulus Kam Moye rushed over to see the past, two people fight inertia, so the intuition of a dodge to avoid, then without thinking it outside in the study, they had played provoke.The emperor's personal eunuch Yung father stare eye hair straight, I do not know what the situation in front of the eye, and how His Royal Highness Crown Princess huai coach outlet handbags maid fight.Flower looked sparse snow ball fight not far from the two men, but funny opening: His Royal Highness the King of Chu, anyway, you've got, and you do not fight, we go back together, save Fu Huang angry.

I heard thundering roar, and finally a very effective blocking three downtown into a group of three people stopped the hands and feet, and then see eye to take smoke, flaming head steaming Regulus Yue Yin Ao staring incomparable them, the trio suddenly woke up to God, and quickly came over, a good rule of stations.Regulus Yue others do not look directly staring at three princes huai, Chen Sheng openings.This chi dense, then make some Regulus Kam tremble, quickly opening: Back then, Prince Huangxiong is Chen Di sometimes angry, unwise, and so will get involved, these things will be in charge of Chen Di ordered repaired.