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Carriage, flowers sparse snow nest in Regulus Yue's arms, playing with his hair drawn ink in the chest, opening some concern: You say we palace, is requested to withdraw its proposal Fu Huang, Jin accept it or let Regulus refers to the marriage. Flowers sparse snow silent silent, but some Regulus Yue Taste, and sound somewhat dull.I know, Flower sparse snow laughed, kissed Regulus initiative Yue, carriage laughter rang out, as well as Regulus Yue's voice, which is how the line, too sloppy.An hour later, everyone goes to the palace, and the carriage to proceed directly to the outside of the study, but far from Regulus Yue then ordered the guards stopped, Fu Huang eviction for something he often has some resentment, so he avoided Well, now the palace is not at peace, more than a Yuwen soft copies will be more of a factor too in some uneasiness.He sent people to investigate the whereabouts of Owen soft, Lanna country even really have such a family, two old died long ago, had a daughter.Although the source of the message is correct coach outlet handbag , Regulus Yue Yuwen soft feel somewhat simple.

Suddenly, outside through a sound, while making two-room face changed, Regulus Yue call people towards the outside:? What happenedWishful dodge came across the screen to stand outside and report it: Back to the words of His Royal Highness, His Royal Highness the King of Chu over the audience was His Royal Highness Prince, His Royal Highness Prince coach outlet handbag Edward, and the empress just asleep, Moye went entertained His Royal Highness the King of Chu, who knew two people a words do not and, even fight, fight two people are now estimated to internal forces, so tore something?Flowers sparse snow faint opening wishful answered: Yes, slaves'll go.

Say those words to people angry, and it seems like Regulus Luo Ying grudges.This man, then down, another one voice sounded: I heard that the princess was the Board of Punishments people back, his face all been destroyed, which under the more ugly, and look after her but also how to see people.Carriage, spend some incredible snow sparse: These people come from where gossip ah, actually said these words to come, even by Regulus Luo Ying, was also disfigured, possible?But here, at the foot of the emperor, who dared to make such a daring thing ah, actually still disfigured? This certainly is a rumor.Carriage among Moye and wishful duo also shook his head from the unbelievers.But Moye Pielepiezui opening coldly: I wish that was true, the woman in relation to get such retribution, or else must also lingers pestering masters.