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Yang Shu snow white flowers are satisfied, she Taishou look Pei Yu, Pei Yu has been looking forward to spend sparse snow movement, see the flowers sparse snow look to him, and quickly put down the hands of tea Ang, Chen Sheng opening: Sun Highness minister intend to teach them a solid basic skills and do not want to teach them those fancy superficial, but the essence of Wu's footwall solid foundation is solid, and can only talk about the repair of the word. Flowers sparse snow satisfied nod, and then look to the white Yang and Pei Yu duo, earnestness openings.They spend sparse snow beat, they look a cold, naturally know Crown Princess said this intention, the two got up and shouted, while the opening: Crown Princess Goddess worry coach outlet diaper bags , will try our best to accompany Sun Highness et al.

Everything laid out, and the rest can only wait for news, the main room, Regulus Yue sparse snow and flowers sitting back worried about two, two little guys have been brought down to rest Green Luan, As for the others, all retreated to the door go outside waiting with.My concern is that Chen Chen, if he has been looking for other people's troubles, coach outlet diaper bags angered the man, I am afraid that what people are doing it, practicing evil power of the people, what do not come out ah.Regulus Yue did not speak, and two people have been waiting in the hall, but the city found such a thing, not a moment when there will be two messages, and they have been waiting for is not the answer, but if it is to spend sparse snow to rest, she flatly refused to go, so she sat Regulus Yue hand hold their own legs, and then softly opening:. you're relying on me lie down a moment, and wait until there is news, we will be the first time to know

Half an hour later, three melted paralysis while in the big bed, motionless, Regulus Los cherry hand pinched the left hand side of the man's face.Regulus Luo Ying said fiercely, two people face some significant hand white, they thought the princess to let them do it, but it is to deal with Crown Princess Goddess, where they dare ah.Two people one sentence, wants to dispel the idea of a princess, but unfortunately this time only the hearts of Regulus Los cherry deep hatred, will not listen to anybody, so the two men an opening, she stared coldly askance two : You are not afraid?