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Flowers sparse snow think too confused, body side Regulus Yue has been slowly opening:. Back to the Fu Huang, then, the matter has nothing to do with his mother, she did not send someone to notice me.Xuan Yuan Yue, then a drop, Wen emperor Tongmou in a cloth immediately thoughtfully, staring Xuan Yuan Yue: Do you even in the palace?Moment, anger Wen emperor whole body up and down, up and down the hot flows in the whole body, staring coldly Xuan Yuan Yue.Snow Flower sparse look bad, it certainly is thought emperor Wen Yue placed in the palace staff to do, if it allows text emperor suspicious, in trouble, trying to escape, but to hear the prayer hall Nguyen after the first cold voice sounded: Well, you do not stare at the children, I am the Prince ordered the eunuch went to inform him of the government.Nguyen then after a fall, later emperor of the Nguyen put observable alignment: Good, really good, it really is you, you think they are connected to the palace coach outlet diaper bag , will make up the three beauties satisfied Zhen Weifei it?

Regulus Yue pulled sparse snow also preparing to leave flowers, flowers look sparse snow Yung father, smiled opening:. Trouble father Fu Huang talk about things in front of theYung father figure looked away, laughing, in fact, Crown Princess Goddess Delicate touches people, thinking turned and walked into the den, respectfully report it:. Emperor, coach outlet diaper bag His Royal Highness the King of Chu was persuaded to go PrinceWen emperor Xuan Yuan Yue will hear unpleasant puckering up eyebrow, Chen Sheng:. How he came again to the palace.

Regulus Yue longer speak, look to Moye, Senleng opening: Moye, Crown Princess of you as slaves, dare to play ball and His Royal Highness the King of Chu, destroyed flowers House backyard, you know the crime?Moye has been recovered at this time, plop knelt down, calm opening:. Slaves of sin, please His Royal Highness Prince punishment.Took a look sparse snow Regulus could not help but reach out and pull the sleeves Yue, she can not bear the punishment Moye, these things are bad on the bad, go back and ordered the renovation is good.