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Snow Flower looked sparse text emperor, and looked after Nguyen, thought the rumors the couple had a very loving thing, today it is all sorts of suspicion, perhaps never going past, and thought the emperor had previously Wen say, is the fate decreed Nguyen Murong wind exterminate the people Yao country, they will be so hostile couple, do so after Nguyen did not know she would make the text emperor resentment it? Unless she is not going to love this, but the result is that she looks around after Nguyen is actually really want to save coach outlet bags , now will never be a text emperor.

Yung father heard that hastened the opening:. Yes ah, go back, go back.Wen Yung father as emperor's personal eunuch, and he knew the text is not really the kind of bloodthirsty emperor who, although he is very angry Regulus Jin, but if it is really a Nusha since a son, I'm afraid he spent the rest of his life in , so Regulus Kam Yung father anxious coach outlet bags to leave.Regulus and the King of Chu Kam Moye duo playing for a while, they feel a lot of air out of the hearts, to close the moves fell in front of capacity father and others, Leng Heng, then walk away and leave.

Regulus opening Kam wrong, in fact, he went back last night, after thinking that Regulus Yue was right, rather than with the Fu Huang strained, it is better to think of ways of their own, do not believe Fu Huang will still forcing him to marry the Yuan Xiang rather, just over the morning, Huangxiong and Wong asleep, so he waited in the House, see Moye, he thought of her earlier words, could not help but ridicule her two, who knows this woman a mouth almost did not put him mad, so two people would fight, completely forgotten here is the prince of the House.