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Wen emperor's will look behind the Yuwen soft unknowingly laughed.Large hall spring Lanna Palace, the Queen now entertain the Yuan Xiang Ning et al, hall from time to time the voice sounded Christine taboo.Nguyen smile on his face after my heart a little bored, at the moment she would think that a good woman to spend too sparse snow, at least not like the woman in front of these vulgar woman like boring, meaningless blow net say that these the words of worship, from time to time after Nguyen look to the hall door, the emperor's will how yet to come, she could not face a quick stretch, in fact, she held the contest is simply not the beauty around to the emperor, because she deeply know, even if she sent , the emperor would not accept, and now he's for anything she had done all disgusted, so from the beginning of her beauty pageant held in this tournament, is to give the gift of kings Fei, as queen cloud States, she knew the family of six involved, the emperor did not want to let any one of six family and princes have involved, but if the gift of marriage, the emperor who only refers to the family of six married to Princes, so she organized a beauty pageant, should the six family people can come to the fore, then they have nothing to say, if the same family of six did not win coach outlet bag , same as saying they did not.

House where such things happen, if Fu Huang know, certainly do not blame him.Regulus Yue nodded slightly, then held out his hand to laugh looking at flowers sparse snow, sparse snow flower hand on his big hands, two people loving smile, and turned to go out, was surprised to find the door sounded report it sound, it sounds auspicious housekeeper coach outlet bag .Regulus Yue and flowers sparse snow while opening, and then think of the emperor, said Wen Yao country were destroyed and the day after Nguyen things related to the case, could not help heart dull, which Nalan leisurely not found any news of it, since they return After the country to the cloud, there is not even seen him, he did not know where to go.

Opening drive of the groom helplessly: We are with the lost people.Novo Thatcher to one, could not help but furious, driving toward the front of the groom curse:. You are a waste, hurry chase, see if you can catch up.What where the coachman say, in fact, the promise and Chelsea duo good martial arts itself, but also very violent temper, coupled with Princess rely on this tree, usually more swagger, and ordinary people dare not provoke them.Flying out of the carriage as the strings in general, and soon, in front of the coachman exclaimed:. I saw the carriage of the Prince HouseYes, answered the coachman, keeping up on the front of the carriage, this time the carriage with the previous coach, although exactly the same, but not like the previous coach like that fight to get rid of them, but is slowly driving in front, as if deliberately waiting for them to like, but that was previously coachman to Novo Chelsea duo to scold them, so in this case there is no deep thought, keeping the front of the carriage, all the way to the partial quiet streets running away.Streets fewer and fewer people, both to Novo Chelsea face lit in front of the carriage driving steep command: Quick, catch up with the front of the carriage.