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Two people went in, people do not walk into the hall, he heard the sound of delicate Yuwen soft victorious cry of them: Queen Goddess, you do not blame the emperor, the concubine Blame it, if do not like concubine empress body, undefined status can own eviction, but do not let the emperor embarrassed. Spend a sparse snow this, the whole body goose bumps are out, it is so supple botheration overdone people.But Yuwen soft words of a fall, we heard the emperor Wen cold voice sounded: Rouer, Zhen is the monarch of a country, and what you and she said coach outlet purses , to one side.

King of Chu Xuan Yuan Jin eye almost doubled in the past does not smoke, he was a little half-kneeling, this will stimulate a child again Moye can not faint? There are so advising people to do? Kill is simply to persuade people, thinking blasted the opening: You know my body well, you tried.He made these remarks together, the mind will emerge to a coach outlet purses dead woman pressure in the body severely torn screen, but also does not even mention resist.Moye did not think he has come such a sudden, a time froze, then react, we heard laughter behind him, looking back to see the Xuan Yuan Yue and spent two sparse snow actually laughing, could not help but angry, could not help but pounced ago Regulus will have to play Jin: You actually dare to eat tofu Lord, court death ah.

He was so angry stomping, body run significantly slower than the previous, but even so, Regulus and Kam Moye duo also catch up with him.Regulus Yue and flowers sparse snow duo appeared, they see in front of these pictures, flowers Pavilion backyard a mess, without a good place, and this is well-ordered Regulus Yue prepared, is to allow Cher Nothing in the garden when you can walk, and now even the destruction was so thorough, face full of non.Regulus a face Leng Chen Yue was terrible, three roar steep chase a ball that step of: Stop.